The Plastic side of Life


The Arcoplex Group is the result of a constant growth process, which over the years has led Arcoplex Group to become a key player in the plastics industry, offering the market complete, specialised and efficient solutions.

Its innovative approach, which has always guided the company’s decisions, led to a series of acquisitions that began in 2011. This expansion has allowed Arcoplex Group to take advantage of great opportunities, which, together with its know-how and experience, have contributed to the growth of the Group’s expertise and professionalism.

The Arcoplex Group is committed to perpetual growth and is open to changes. Its dedication to continuous improvement and the constant pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone on which the Group’s philosophy is based, and has significantly shaped its development.


The Arcoplex Group operates in the field of plastic materials by combining sales with consulting services and technical support, which are of strategic importance in this industry, with the aim of providing the best possible solutions, at the same time demonstrating reliability and mutual cooperation when communicating in the market.

The Group’s specialization in the field of engineering plastics is also affirmed through its constant investment in research and development.

CEO Giacomo Scanzi

The key concepts of the Arcoplex Group’s philosophy are competence, training, an extensive product portfolio and effective logistics service.

A predisposition toward continued progression and entry into new markets steer the group toward the differentiation of its core business, achieving significant added value and increasing its competitiveness.


The Arcoplex Group is the connecting link between major global manufacturers and an increasingly demanding market.

The Group provides structural and financial resources in order to facilitate the changes which are necessary today, introducing the culture of plastic materials to the world of converters.

In order to implement this process, the Arcoplex Group is committed to supporting companies in which it strongly believes, enabling them to look towards the future together.

The Group employs an innovative platform of services, which oversees purchasing, administration, controlling, marketing and logistics, and which allows the individual companies to focus exclusively on their core business.

AD Giacomo Scanzi