Great people at the center

The story of Arcoplex is made great by its people. Special people whose intuition, courage and enthusiasm come together to create something unique. This is why we believe in relationships as the key to responsible, shared growth.

Investing in the future.

A good future is always a present moment that has come a long way. This is why Arcoplex invests heavily today in everything that can make tomorrow great. From technology to make processes more efficient to young people entering all levels of our organisational model.

We are more than just suppliers
We are your consultants

For us, plastic has no secrets. And we want to put all our knowledge at your service to help you always make the right choices. Even when your needs change over time.


Our word comes before any contract signature. If we put ourselves out there, we put all of us into keeping every commitment we make.


We are always transparent because we know that mutual trust is the most valuable currency in any professional relationship.


Essere partner vuol dire esserci sempre con sensibilità e capacità di adattamento. Being a partner means always being there, with sensitivity and flexibility. Especially when the market suddenly changes the rules.

A Green Heart

The future is also about making sustainable choices now. And Arcoplex has decided to accept the challenge.

Photovoltaic System

Since 2018, the head office in Pontirolo Nuovo has been powered by a solar energy system, which was expanded in 2022 to cover an area of around 3000 with a total power output of 500 kW.

Energy Management

In 2021, the company was awarded the Green Badge for initiating an energy-efficiency diagnosis and management process, supported by a UNI CEI 11339 certified Energy Manager.


To encourage sustainable mobility, Arcoplex has installed an electric vehicle charging station for staff and visitors, and equipped its car fleet with a zero-emission electric vehicle.

Arcoplex, a place to feel good

Putting our people at the centre means giving them everything they need to feel good at Arcoplex. Training, growth and opportunities, first and foremost. But also attention that goes far beyond just professional life.

Dedicated spaces

More than a company, a second home. A dining room with kitchen, sauna, relaxation area, children’s area, gym and garden with outdoor pool are available to all employees and their families.

Welfare Account

Starting in 2023, each employee will have his or her own ‘welfare account’ to purchase goods and services for family life, fed by sharing achievements in company and professional growth.

I’ve always wanted to give back the same wealth that my co-workers helped to create. This is designed to strengthen our relationship and make them understand how much I care, how close I want to be to them and their families, and how much I believe that the road we travel together must be as long as possible

- Giacomo Scanzi
Managing Director Arcoplex Group