Arcoplex presents Technyl® One, the Technopolymer produced by Solvay

25 November 2015

Arcoplex, official distributor for Solvay for Italy, presents Technyl® One (PA HT), technopolymer Solvay range. Technyl® One is an innovative generation of polyamide resins (PA) with heat stabilization and / or flame retardants and moisture absorption, significantly reduced compared to other polyamides (up to 40%). This aspect allows an excellent dimensional stability that makes this family of products suitable for applications with increasingly higher specifications and increasingly restricted tolerances. Technyl® One is also proposed as intermediate link between the standard polymers PA6.6 and PPA in terms of melting temperature.

Technyl® One is suitable for energy management and building automation as it responds very well to the standards of safety, miniaturization and increased productivity. Thanks to its matrix with high fluidity,  the high temperature resistance, the excellent electrical properties and its flame retardant behavior despite the absence of halogen, Technyl® One has successfully demonstrated its suitability for demanding applications in the market segment of electrical protection.

For the electrical and electronic sector, a constant challenge is represented by the continuous miniaturization of products, coupled with an increasing functionality. Moreover, in the last decade, EU directives such as RoHS and REACH (SVHC) acted globally and have moved towards the electrical and electronic market to halogen-free plastics materials flame retardant.

The superior rheological behavior of Technyl® One helps to reduce degradation by corrosion in the machining process, in advantage of the equipment and the overall stability of the product, in this way responding both to the security requirements as to the demands of the manufacturer, in terms of cost and processing, solving also the problem of the deterioration of the physical properties and machining problems.

Besides possessing a UL yellow card in full compliance, Technyl® One J 60×1 V30 meets also the new European standard EN 45545-2 and is classified according to HL3 R22 and R23.

The current range includes degrees in natural, grey and black color.

Arcoplex, official distributor for Solvay Italy, is at your disposal to study every technical need. Axtrolab, our technical service allows us to test and know in advance the characteristics of new products to facilitate the transformer in the most delicate phases of production.

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