Polimeri sostenibili

In linea con i propri valori, Arcoplex Group ricerca e seleziona le migliori plastiche green per prodotti ad alta sostenibilità ambientale.

ecovio®, the certified bioplastic

ecovio® is a biodegradable, compostable biopolymer produced by BASF. ecovio®. Its chemical formulation using components from organic and renewable sources makes it suitable for industrial composting.


  • Film for shopping bags
  • Bags for organic waste collection

Ecovio® Certifications

  • UNI EN 13432
  • Ok compost Vincotte
  • Home compost Vincotte

Recycled polymers

Recycled polymers can be derived from industrial or municipal waste. These materials have well-defined mechanical and chemical characteristics and provide real support for the circular economy.


  • UNE–EN 15343:2008
  • PSV (Plastic Second Life)

Mass Balance Polymers

These polymers have the same mechanical and chemical characteristics as virgin polymers, but with the enormous environmental advantage that they are derived from plants. This is probably the future for applications where it is essential to maintain certain certifications and quality guarantees.


  • ISCC Plus
  • FDA
  • EU-Food


  • Automotive parts
  • Packaging
  • Food containers
  • Textile fibres
  • Bottles and containers for non-food products
  • Protective shrink films for heavy packaging
  • Shrink films for water bottles


  • UNE–EN 15343:2008
  • PSV (Plastic Second Life)

Sustainable polymers:

Sustainability is an increasingly common issue in society, which is why Arcoplex is committed in every respect to leaving a greener world for future generations. With this in mind, Arcoplex’s partnerships with the world’s leading producers of sustainable polymers are always growing and evolving. Today, we offer a product range that meets every market need, from biopolymers to mass balance products.
Arcoplex’s commitment to our planet obviously runs much deeper than what can be described in a few lines. If you would like to find out more, please contact us using the dedicated form.