A “surprising” Summer Party…

31 July 2017

Last July 28th, the funniest Summer Party 2017 ed. took place at the Arcoplex Headquarter.

This summer occasion is by now a tradition, an appointment that the Arcoplex’ staff simply cannot miss.
This year the Arcoplex team has been splitted in teams and involved in a ten-tests treasure hunt, and only when passing a test each team would be given a fragment to compose the map, essential to find the treasure.
In between the frights and moments that triggered the general hilarity, the game came to an unexpected epilogue: having two winning teams it was declared a dead heat.

Astounded, each winner could choose a prize among:

  • an entry ticket to the San Pellegrino thermal baths
  • an entry ticket  to Gardaland
  • an entry ticket to the Science and Technology Museum in Milan, including a visit to the Enrico Toti submarine included.
Delicius food, excellent wine and good music marked out the event in the beautiful headquarter garden.


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