Project Consultation

The right polymer?
Let’s find it together.

Arcoplex Group supports plastics processing companies right from the design phase. Based on our experience, we provide specialised technical advice to identify the plastic polymer with the most suitable characteristics for the required quality levels of the end product.

The benefits of Arcoplex consultation Arcoplex

Increased machine efficiency

Your systems work with the material best suited to their characteristics.

Reduced processing times

Moulding times are reduced and you lower the risk of technical glitches.

Improved product performance

The finished products meet all the quality standards you ensure for your customers.

A guided path
to your goals.

With the help of our professionals, you can select the right polymer based on your objectives. We offer a guided path that allows us to find out what you need, select the product and test it to see if it meets your expectations. Finally, we help you integrate it into the production process to achieve the best results.


A research and development centre at your service.

The Arcoplex Analytical Laboratory is at the heart of our consultation strategy. A true research and development centre specialising in chemical, physical and performance testing, managed directly by us. Everything at your service.