ECOVIO FT2341 legge francese sacchetti della spesa

Plastic bags in fruit and vegetable departments: stop in France

29 July 2016

The French Parliament has finally approved the new law on energy transition – desired by the Environment and Energy Minister Ségolène Royal – which also contains a section on measures on limiting consumption of disposable plastic bags, thus adapting the orientation recently expressed by the European Parliament.

Starting from January 1, 2017, the new law introduces sales ban of lightweight single-use plastic bags for fruit and vegetable packaging, except for those biodegradable and compostable. Furthermore the biodegradable and compostable bags have to be used in dedicated plants as well as in home composting systems (HOME COMPOST). The minimum biobased content of the product, or better the quantity of material coming from renewable sources that must content the compound, was defined by specific decrees and will be progressively increased over time.

Likewise, as well Wraps (film and envelopes) for the mailing of magazines and newspapers have to be in material for domestic composting. Plastic disposable tableware seems to escape the ban, compared to the original version of the measure, whereas for the shopper – since January 1, 2017 – will be admitted only those of greater thickness and reusable, according to criteria yet to be established, with no favorable treatment for those in bioplastic.

BASF won’t like to be caught unprepared and has already put on the market a new level of ecovio® FT2341 which has a content coming from renewable sources that can meet the first step required by the new regulations and certification HOME COMPOST. Even this new degree of ecovio®, like all those of the current range produced by BASF, is distinguished by high mechanical characteristics and ease of process.

Arcoplex, single ecovio® distributor for Italy, is at your disposal for any questions.

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