Repsol ImpactO®, TPO with high impact resistance

16 May 2019

Repsol produced a new range of polypropylene featuring a good balance between fluidity and impact resistance, exceptional aesthethic properties, dimensional and thermal stability even at lower temperature and low levels of VOC.

The three Repsol’s TPO ImpactO grades are: HI1550KM, HI2050KM e HI2050GM.

ImpactO® HI1550KM and ImpactO HI2050KM have a medium melt flow index and high impact resistance, even at low temperature, and they are suitable to produce:

  • Internal components for cars
  • Supermaket carts
  • Sports equipment
  • Highchair
  • Items for children like toy cars, bicycles and toys in general
  • Kegs, tanks and industrial containers

ImpactO® HI2050GM has medium melt flow index and high impact resistance even at low temperature, and it is suitable to be used as additive to create a polypropylene compound with an higher resistance to impact.

The advantages of this product range are:

  • Higher resistance to impact than a standard polypropylene ( at lower temperature also )
  • Excellent aesthetic properties and resistance to scratches.
  • Excellent dimensional and thermal stability.
  • Low levels of VOC, according to current regulations.
  • When used in compound it gives a significant saving in the final composition’s formula thanks to the starting matrix with an higher resistance to impact.

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