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Repsol Healthcare: the products portfolio for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors

3 May 2018

Arcoplex is the exclusive distributor for Italy of Repsol Healthcare, a products portfolio dedicated to the pharmaceutical and medical sector consisting of different grades including PP (OMO and RANDOM), EVA, HDPE and LDPE. Based on the specificity of the grade these materials are supplied with the European Pharmacopoeia EP 3.1.3 / EP 3.1.6 certifications, USP, ISO 10993.

With these products it is possible to produce articles for the pharmaceutical and medical sector such as:

  • medicine containers, safety caps, medicine blisters;
  • medical instruments: butterflies, tubes, medical cannulae, blood and serum bags, biological waste containers;
  • medical equipment: fabrics, gowns, masks, cover for stretchers of paper, gloves and footwear for medical personnel;

Arcoplex and Repsol, thanks to the historic partnership, have put in place a technical and commercial support system aimed at customer satisfaction: Arcoplex has created a dedicated sales force Healthcare interfacing directly with Repsol R&D for the continuous development of this portfolio product.


Axtrolab, Arcoplex technical service, is available to provide you with all the information you may need, call 0363-33.201 or write to [email protected]


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