RAIEX distributes the ADVANCELL EM range of expanding in the Italian market

23 November 2016

Raiex Spa, partner company of Arcoplex Group, based in Biella, is the official partner for the Italian market of the multinational Japanese company SEKISUI for the distribution of expanding range ADVANCELL EM.

The foaming product ADVANCELL EM are of thermo expandable microspheres which, activated by heat, expand 30 to 80 times their initial volume, thus creating a closed cell foam structure and very homogeneous inside the article.

Selecting the most appropriate grades according to the use of the resin, the processing temperature of the polymer and activation of the type of Advancell gives as result a foamed article with extremely smooth cells without any surface defect, with no interaction or color change of the color tone and with extremely reduced density.

Raiex distributes this range of products in Italy, especially in the plastics sector. All grades can be used directly during the molding or extrusion phase, but also for the formulation of compounds.

The main applications, to date, are in the production sector of soles for footwear, cables, synthetic corks, slabs and panels, wallpaper and underbody coatings; while in the compound they are used in mixtures with resins SBS, SEBS, PVC, EVA, PP, or rubbers.

The ADVANCELL EM products are available in powder form or masterbatch, while Raiex, thanks to a unique technology of its kind – developed in the years – is also able to provide a dispersion in a liquid form of the same products, conveyed in plasticizers or mineral oils (including pharmaceuticals), satisfying the needs of each client.

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