Confindustria Bergamo launches DRAFT INTERVENTION dedicated to plastic industry injection molding

11 November 2015

Arcoplex attended the annual meeting of the Plastics and Rubber Materials Group held by Confindustria Bergamo that presented the “Safety Project for companies operating in the molding of plastics”. Due to the commitment and attending to issues relating to security, Arcoplex decided to spread this initiative to protect workers.

The Safety Project was created to allow companies to carry out a prior check-up to the verification of compliance with the parameters of the current legislation ( with specific references to the obligations of the manufacturer and the user during the production  and maintenance, relating to injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment), with the possibility of receiving a proposal for carrying out technical adjustments and if necessary the  subsequent certification of conformity. After the check-up you can even organize a training course as a valid update for managers, supervisors, RSPP and business RLS and you can proceed with a risk assessment for exposure to hazardous substances.

The Draft Intervention was born from the information provided by the GUIDE FOR IMPROVING THE SAFETY AND HEALTH IN PRESSING PLASTIC promoted by Region Lombardia and aims to create a model that allows you to make objective investigations keeping more attention to the control systems and the ability to self-control of the companies, so as to provide their technical, hygienistic and organizational solutions, really applicable to improve the working conditions, that can also be used in case of inspection conducted by the ASL

In order to support companies that wish to join the project, an integrated proposal of services on favorable terms as per current market standards, is available, conceived and designed specifically for PMI by Confindustria Bergamo Services Srl,

The collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo has allowed Arcoplex to share the market with this important initiative.

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