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Powderex new associated IT-RO

10 February 2016
Powderex is recently associated at  IT-RO, Italy Roto Moulding. The IT-RO Association is a collaboration of companies operating in the rotational molding area: Transformers, suppliers of machinery, of equipment, raw materials and accessories. [...]

Arcoplex presents acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds

27 January 2016
The product range for cleaning “acano®” are indicated for the cleaning of the machinery in the following fields of application: Molding Blowing film extrusion The product allows to clean more rapid and flexible, and it is also reusable within [...]

Arcoplex at the TMP conference “Plastics: Markets and Trends”

9 December 2015
Arcoplex attended the meeting organized by TMP (Associazione Italiana Tecnici Materie Plastiche) entitled “Materie plastiche: mercati e tendenze”, at the headquarters of Confindustria Monza and Brianza. During the conference has been illustrated [...]

Arcoplex presents Technyl® One, the Technopolymer produced by Solvay

25 November 2015
Arcoplex, official distributor for Solvay for Italy, presents Technyl® One (PA HT), technopolymer Solvay range. Technyl® One is an innovative generation of polyamide resins (PA) with heat stabilization and / or flame retardants and moisture [...]

Confindustria Bergamo launches DRAFT INTERVENTION dedicated to plastic industry injection molding

11 November 2015
Arcoplex attended the annual meeting of the Plastics and Rubber Materials Group held by Confindustria Bergamo that presented the “Safety Project for companies operating in the molding of plastics”. Due to the commitment and attending [...]

Arcoplex continues to enlarge its portfolio product with the range Ducor phthalate-free

14 October 2015
Arcoplex implements its portfolio product phthalate-free thanks to the range Ducor. The phthalates-free range, preceded by the trade name DuPure (PP homopolymer and copolymer PP) and DuClear (PP Random), will be further developed giving the [...]

Powderex: A speed more with the new Technical Commercial Account

1 October 2015
Powderex, company of the Arcoplex Group specialised in the production of powders for rotational molding, is pleased to present Antonella Nieddu, as a new member of the sales team. Powderex will seize this opportunity to recur with great [...]

Resinmix: Sales increase of compounds based on PA 6 and PA 6.6 in Triveneto

22 September 2015
Resinmix, company part of the Arcoplex Group – coumpounds production experts based on polyamide, has reached an excellent level of growth in the Triveneto, thanks to the useful contribution of the agency Rodella. Rodella agency, due to the [...]
biopolimero compostabile

Arcoplex, the right partner for shopper producers

6 August 2015
The news has appeared just a few days ago that a well-known consulting institute to cover the damage for unfair competition in order to advantage Assobioplastiche, for 100.000 euros. The document states: “The false certificate subject of the [...]

Powderex will be part of ARMO 2015 international conference on rotational molding.

27 July 2015
Strong of the achievements in its process of internationalization, Powderex participates as an exhibitor at the International Conference on Rotational Moulding 2015. The conference center of Nottingham will host  ARMO, bringing together the [...]