New Repsol products introduced to Arcoplex.

27 July 2015

Repsol has inroduced to the sales team and the technical team of Arcoplex, its polymers distributor in Italy, the new PE and PP high performance grades.

ALCUDIA PE010high molecular weight Polyethylene, highly actionable able to guarantee mechanical performance. Ideal for the production of big dimension film.

ALCUDIA 3235FGALDPE with high density (0.932) which gives to the product excellent mechanical, technical and optical properties. Suitable for the production of films with reduced thickness.

ULTRACLEAN PE: a full range of Low Density Polyethylene ideal for the production of films with a very low content of gels.

ISPLEN PB500K1MCopolymer Polypropylene with high flow (100g / 10min), a feature that allows the management of short molding cycles at reduced temperatures with increase of productivity and energy saving. This product is ideal for the production of articles with complex geometries and low thickness.

To complete the range of new thermoplastic  polymers, the Repsol grades of Polypropylene ISPLEN produced with phthalate-free catalysts.

The mentioned grades  are currently available for industrial testing; during the next few weeks they will be implemented within the production programs of Repsol plants.

Arcoplex sales team and the technicians of Axtrolab, the modern and fully equipped analyses laboratory, are at your disposal to offer technical advice and support during the important phase of development of your projects and in the set-up of your production processes.

For information, please call 0363/33201 or write to [email protected] .

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