Production of color masterbatches and additives for multiple application sectors.

Production of colour masterbatches and additives for multiple applications.

The Masterbatch business unit produces masterbatches using mixtures of various organic and inorganic pigment dispersions. They retain the intrinsic qualities (excellent pigment dispersion and ease of diffusion in the resin), which allow additives to be mixed in to obtain products with particular characteristics.
The masterbatches can be used in all processing areas, the concentrations of which vary depending on the application and required colour intensity and opacity.

Our laboratory supports the sales network by assisting customers, step by step, in creating final products that fully meet every requirement of each application, whether technical, economic or regulatory.
Colour matching is made possible through the technical department’s many years of experience, supported by modern and functional technological equipment.

The Masterbatch business unit designs and develops innovative solutions directly with customers, building relationships based on trust and loyalty that are destined to last. The company fine tunes colours in a space specially reserved for customers.

Masterbatch Powders

In masterbatch production, it is increasingly necessary to ensure high dispersion standards. Arcoplex offers a wide range of solutions using different polymer bases. Through the know-how it has acquired over time, Arcoplex offers the highest level of support regarding both technical aspects of the material and regulations, which have increasingly become a decisive factor in choosing a supplier.