LOTTE Chemical Unit to debut on ‘K 2019’ to make inroads into European market

11 October 2019

Arcoplex Group, Lotte official partner, is pleased to announce that Chemical Unit of the LOTTE Group, Asia’s leading enterprise, take part in ‘K 2019’ for the first time for expand presence in the European market, while featuring ‘recyclable economy’ and unique ‘eco-friendly’ solutions.

LOTTE Chemical, LOTTE Advanced Materials and LOTTE Fine Chemical, the three affiliates of Asia’s leading enterprise LOTTE Group, are set to jointly take part in K 2019, a plastics exhibition slated for October 16-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

For the upcoming trade show and the joint exhibition hall, the LOTTE Group’s Chemical Unit is scheduled to present its focus on future values as a global chemical firm, which is firmly built upon the synergy effect generated by its affiliates, and unveil an array of differentiated material solutions tailored for the European market where an eco-friendly paradigm called ‘circular economy’ is going mainstream.

In particular, the exhibition hall will introduce an eco-friendly materials lineup optimized for paint-free and simplified production processes. Recycled solutions such as PC and PET, part of a recycling system designed to turn plastic waste into valuable resources in a way that creates new value, will be on display to offer visitors a glimpse into how LOTTE will contribute to enabling sustainable human life through innovative chemical solutions.

Arcoplex Group congratulates with Lotte for the important accomplishments and is determined in supporting italian trasformers to grow together with the product portfolio Starex and Infino.

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