The merging companies of Arcoplex Group give birth to Arcoplex Group S.r. l.

21 February 2019

Arcoplex Trading is pleased to announce that the important operation of merger by incorporation of all the Group’s manufacturing companies has been accomplished.

In 2019 Arcoplex Group S.r.l. is born as a stronger and more structured company operating in the distribution of thermoplastic resins, in the manufacturing of masterbatches and polyamide-based compounds and in the pulverization of plastics.

Starting from 2010 Arcoplex Trading S.p.A. has decided to become a group in order to be a complete, competitive, reliable and, most important, competent partner for its customers and suppliers. Its calling to consultancy has been the key feature for its growth and establishment in an increasingly competitive market and for its brand new start today.

Arcoplex Trading, Primacolor, Powderex and Resinmix are merging and evolving into Arcoplex Group S.r.l., a new company preserving the distinctive spirit and the values that have always guided the Group.

Arcoplex Group S.r.l.: a single company, strong and synergic aiming at being a reference point for the market.

For any further information that you may need the team of Arcoplex Grop S.r.l. is always at your disposal, you can write to [email protected] or call the number 0363.33201.

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