Group History

The history of the Arcoplex Group began with Arcoplex itself, founded in Seregno by entrepreneur Pierluigi Brenna, in 1958.

In over 60 years of business activity, the company has grown by looking towards the future with determination and foresight. Characteristics that have become a part of the company’s history thanks to the entrepreneurial skills and acute insights of Giacomo Scanzi, General Manager since 1994 and CEO since 2004.

From 2015, Giacomo Scanzi launched the generational handover with his daughter Giulia and his son Carlo and, through them, he began to prepare the future of the companies of the Group to sustain the relationships with its own stakeholders


The key to Arcoplex’s success is its ability to listen to market needs, a skill which has led to the company being recognised as a key nationwide player.

Between 2001 and 2003, Arcoplex was affected by a period of great change: the company began to operate in a more extensive and structured way, in search of a different image. The sales network specialised in consulting, offering the client not only a simple commercial service, but also training and experience.

This significant change in direction, accompanied by the merging of the two company sites, Seregno and Pontirolo Nuovo, in 2003, marked a crucial point in the history of Arcoplex.

A further incentive for development occurred in 2007, with the inauguration of the new Pontirolo Nuovo offices, followed in 2011 by the important acquisitions of Primacolor Srl and Raiex Spa and by costituation of new companies Powderex Srl and Resinmix Srl.

During 2018 the Pontirolo Nuovo headquarter was expanded with a new semi-automatic warehouse equipped with a 2,400 sqm photovoltaic system.

The 2019 begins with the merger between Arcoplex Trading and the group’s production companies, thus born Arcoplex Group S.r.l.

In 2020, the new logistic hub is inaugurated to manage the higher incoming and outgoing flow of goods.