Corporate Responsibility

Ethics first.
A daily work, silent and indispensable to the creation of added value.

Arcoplex Group reflects in daily practice a new vision of the role of the company in the society, able to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders and contributing to the spread of a more ethical and sustainable behaviour. Hence the care of the relations and the enhancement of the relationship with customers, suppliers, the local community and, most importantly, its employees, the main authors of business success. In line with this principle, Arcoplex Group offers its employees a challenging and rewarding work environment that enhances their professional qualities and, at the same time, offers truly exclusive facilities, including gym, sauna, swimming pool, children play area, catering and dining . Services available to all employees and their families throughout the week, including Sundays. “I have returned part of the value that my colleagues have created. I wanted to strengthen our relationship and make them understand what I want, how I want to be close to them and their families and as I believe that the road to walk together should be as long as possible “ (G. Scanzi).
The company is also actively involved in the community life of its territory through a program of direct donations to charity organizations. These include AVIS, Telethon, UILDM of Brescia , the Association of Bergamo ULIPKA wiht the project “Let us help you to live” and, finally, the Theodora Foundation.
Arcoplex Group also pursues social responsibility, environmentally conscious, aiming to improve standards of energy and fuel efficiency, thanks to the use of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the offices of Pontirolo Nuovo.
A first step to reduce the weight of its own emissions by reiterating the focus on eco-sustainability.