Arcoplex: The team is growing for you

20 March 2018

The Arcoplex Group has always been involved in the project related to generational change investing in young people as a source of new energy and skills.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome Andrea Giorgini in our Technical Department and Marco Panzeri, Robera Girelli and Valeria Rocchi in our Sales Department.

Andrea Giorgini will be a valuable resource for Axtrolab, the excellent Technical Service provided by the Group.

Roberta Girelli is the new Technical Sales Officer for the Brescia area and province.

Marco Panzeri, our new sales agent, will work side by side with Massimo Chinnici, sales agent in Piedmont and Liguria regions.

Valeria Rocchi, Technical Sales Officer, will support Simone Pierantoni, Arcoplex’ sales agent in Emilia Romagna and Marche regions.

This is the opportunity to renew our great enthusiasm and commitment to all the Italian transformers, and to remind them that our various and complete product portfolio, our professional technical service and our sales force is at disposal in supporting their projects.

Andrea, Marco, Roberta and Valeria, by bringing their skills to the table in support of the Group’s services platform, represent our willing commitment to generational change.

To receive information on our product portfolio or on our technical service, please contact us at 0363-33201 or write to [email protected], or contact:

Roberta Girelli – email: [email protected] – ph: 349-75.39.120

Marco Panzeri – email: [email protected] – ph: 349-75.39.121

Valeria Rocchi – email: [email protected] – ph: 0363-33.20.72

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