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6 August 2015

The news has appeared just a few days ago that a well-known consulting institute to cover the damage for unfair competition in order to advantage Assobioplastiche, for 100.000 euros. The document states:

“The false certificate subject of the Court of Milano stated the biodegradability of traditional plastic with additives and their conformity with European Norm 94/46 without them respecting the biodegradation times as for UNI EN 13432 and UNI 14995. The Court of Milano decided that this way to proceed is not correct, stating that the definition of biodegradability for packaging is given by the technical UNI EN 13432 and UNI EN 14995, and these are the rules that give the definition of compostabilty and biodegradability”.

It is not easy to find the right product within the ones on the market, but Arcoplex gives you the solution: ecovio®.

Ecovio® is the biodegradable and compostable polymer by BASF, one of the biggest chemical companies in the World. Ecovio® is a polymer made of ecoflex® (the first compostable molecule) and polylactic acid (PLA).

Ecoflex® is a petrochemical based polyester that, thanks to it special molecular structure, can be assimilated by the microorganisms in specific environmental conditions, being completely biodegradable, in accordance with European standard EN 13432; polylactic acid, however, is the polymer of lactic acid.

With the addition of polylactic acid (PLA) instead of ‘corn starch or potato starch, the finished product is more durable than similar products from other manufacturers and does not assume an unpleasant odor.

While Ecoflex® provides properties of traditional plastic (it makes shoppers flexible, tear-resistant, waterproof and suitable for printing), polylactic acid (PLA) is a renewable raw material. Unlike other compostable biopolymers, Ecovio® degrades completely in water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

The combination of Ecoflex® and Ecovio® can produce bags and other film products with specific properties: it uses a higher percentage of Ecoflex® to make the film more flexible or a higher percentage Ecovio® to make it more durable.

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