Arcoplex presents acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds

27 January 2016

The product range for cleaning “acano®” are indicated for the cleaning of the machinery in the following fields of application:

  • Molding
  • Blowing
  • film extrusion

The product allows to clean more rapid and flexible, and it is also reusable within the production process in amounts ranging between 10% and 20%.

acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds is highly recommended to transformers  who manufacture products with a medium-high added value, with issues related to the presence of black dots, the frequent change of type of raw material or frequent color change. With the use of acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds it is possible to reduce the energy costs, cleaning time and the consumption of the material to clean it and as well waste and disposal costs.

acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds:

– It is easy and ready for use

– easily removable

– REACH and FDA certified

– odorless

– non-abrasive, corrosive or toxic

– not be mixed with other products

Furthermore it could be used in every application area, at temperatures between 180 ° C and 360 ° C.


Those who operates in the molding field and will start using acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds should not interrupt the production cycle because the product is totally printable and can also be used with the technology of hot runners.
Using acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds there will be absolutely no need to interrupt the automated cycle as the presence of an operator to proceed with removal of the product at the end of the cleaning is not necessary.


Those who operates in the blowing field molding, using acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds, will be able to perform simultaneously the cleaning of the cylinder and the head of the machine, avoiding a useless waste of time and manpower.

Film Extrusion

Those who operates in the extrusion of the film field won’t have problems with acano® – HPC Cleaning Compounds as the product can be extruded without collapsing the bubble.

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