Arcoplex, the italian partner of Repsol, invites you to discover the large portfolio of Ebantix® products

12 July 2017
The Repsol product portfolio, in relation to the EVA and EBA resins, changes its look and expands more.
Primeva® and Ebantix® are the new commercial names and several new grades are included in both catalogs. As a testimony to the firm desire to innovate in Repsol, here are some information about the Ebantix® range
Ebantix® copolymers are distinguished by their excellent machinability and flexibility, as well as being highly compatible with other polymers, additives and fillers. Due to the presence of polar groups in their structure, their performance improves significantly in terms of cohesion and adhesion to different substrates, which increase as the comonomer content increases in the copolymer. These properties make Ebantix® copolymers particularly suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as multilayer film, wires and cables, hot stickers, microcellular foams and masterbatches, as they ensure excellent color dispersion.
Ebantix® copolymers have a low glass transition temperature, which gives them extraordinary mechanical properties at low temperatures, making them particularly suitable for producing films for frozen food packing and for hot-melt adhesives.
These products have a high thermal stability, a feature that allows them to work with a wider range of temperatures.

  • Thermal stability: Ebantix® is highly resistant to thermal degradation and can be processed up to 280 ° C if needed.
  • Low temperature behavior: EBA has high resistance even at low temperatures due to its low glass transition temperature. (-50 ° C)
  • Water absorption: Ebantix® shows low humidity absorption
  • Density: Ebantix® has a low density which, as the percentage of BA (Butyl Acrylate) increases, remains almost constant.
Ebantix® Applications
  • Hot-melt adhesives: High resistance to thermal degradation and high compatibility with a wide range of resins and waxes.
  • Film / Sheet: Advanced mechanical and optical properties with good adhesion to different substrates (PE, PET, etc.). Suitable for extruding multilayer film.
  • Foams: High flexibility and low retention, as well as excellent performance in terms of abrasion and chemical resistance. It can be easily colored.
  • Cables: excellent filling and good dispersion.
  • Coatings: Good adhesion to different substrates, easy machining and good optical properties.

Arcoplex, through its technical structure, is fully available on the market in order to identify the best solutions depending on the different application fields.

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