Arcoplex Group at the forefront of the environment

10 September 2020

The Arcoplex Group has always loved and promoted respect for the environment and is committed through a convinced presence in the world of the green economy to contrast with professionalism and commitment the environmental deterioration.
This policy is implemented both through the marketing of eco-friendly products and through important investments regarding production structures and operational processes.
The largest investment made in recent years concerns the installation of a photovoltaic system of 2,200 sq m with a power of 400 kWh. Since its commissioning in mid-2020 they have produced 127,000 kWh, equivalent to a saving of 68 tons of CO2.
But that’s not all, the company has in fact invested in solutions aimed at reducing its impact on the environment such as the replacement of traditional lighting bodies with low absorption models, the replacement of diesel cars with electric or methane powered models and with studied procedures to reduce energy waste.
Furthermore, to support the progress of mobility, Arcoplex Group has taken care of the installation of one charging station for electric cars in collaboration with Porsche, joining the Porsche Destination Charging network. This station, connected to the photovoltaic system, allows anyone to recharge their vehicle for free.
The important investments made to improve the ecological footprint will certainly not be the last,Arcoplex Group will continue, as it has always done, to invest and be at the forefront of the environment!

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