Arcoplex and Solvay bring a revolution to rapid prototyping.

24 February 2015

Sinterline Technyl® Powders is the new powder PA 6 from Solvay specifically designed to revolutionize the rapid prototyping.

Thanks to SLS technology, Selective Laser Sintering, with the aid of a special 3D printer it can produce functional prototypes or even small production without the use of molds and equipment of pre-production, with the millimeter precision of the laser. The Selective Laser Sintering of Powder Sinterline ™ Technyl® allows the transition from CAD design to functional prototype in a short time and with costs drastically reduced, making a significant reduction time for new projects possible. The high thermal and mechanical properties of the prototypes, provide testable results equal to the products obtained by injection molding.

Arcoplex over the next few weeks will be able to offer to all the processors who wish to be followed through the delicate stages of development of their projects, not just a technical consultancy service technology but above all, thanks to a strategic partnership with Solvay and Sinterline ™ Technyl® Powders, the opportunity to build a prototype high-performance product that will guarantee them a significant competitive advantage in terms of time and cost, compared to competitors.

For information and requests please contact Arcoplex: email: [email protected] – tel. 0363.33201.

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