Arcoplex at the TMP conference “Plastics: Markets and Trends”

9 December 2015

Arcoplex attended the meeting organized by TMP (Associazione Italiana Tecnici Materie Plastiche) entitled “Materie plastiche: mercati e tendenze”, at the headquarters of Confindustria Monza and Brianza.

During the conference has been illustrated how, in the last decade, the petrochemical and plastics industries has undergone a process of concentration of the various producers in individual sectors commodity-derivatives making available products globally with prices that are becoming more uniform in every single continent.

The characteristics of these products are standardized and the new polymers development is infrequent since very expensive. The necessary innovation and modification of the chemical-physical or aesthetic properties is driven by the diversification of commodities carried by the industry of compound.

The manufactures of base resins are present in compounding with a focus on individual polymers and / or single applications of larger volumes and hold 60% of the market. Generally, the independent compounders are specialized on a tight type of resins, globally or regionally level of markets and it is estimated that satisfaction of 40% of demand. The small compounders sometimes produce also masterbatch and concentrated to give a larger service to its customers.

In this scenario, the technician of plastics processing are increasingly engaged directly by OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers, developing new products and are forced to implement the research and development sector to achieve innovation.

It is necessary then that the leading companies in their sectors of application indicate more clearly the forecasts of development of their markets with particular emphasis on new projects and new requirements regarding polymers and engineering plastics that are going to employ.

TMP has taken charge of this issue and has organized an ad hoc conference by inviting leading companies in their fields to talk about their markets and their projects. Arcoplex, given the attention paid to the subject and to the arguments drawn, could not avoid participating.

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