Academy is the innovative project of the Arcoplex Group which, through a structured training program, prepares the group’s companies for the next decade, forming and forging new corporate roles. The project puts into effect a specific indication contained in the Industrial Plan 2015-2020, defining the generational change as one of its most important investments.

Candidates, six young people between 22 and 30 years old, brilliantly graduated in Economics, Law, Management Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science or the University of Plastics, at the end of a strict and rigorous selection process to test the seriousness of their approach, willpower and desire to succeed, they will become students of Arcoplex Academy. They will be entrusted to a coordinator and other teachers and will get to know every aspect of the company in order to specialize in specific sectors.

The Study Program set out regular verification points of the level of preparation and knowledge achieved. The students will constantly dealing with the Group’s collaborators, this will highlights their opinions leading to a strong push to the business model 4.0.

During the Academy, students will be granted a scholarship, accommodation and board, in fact according to the training program they will live together and the cohabitation will also be a source of new stimulus as they will have the opportunity to learn new skills from each other .

Academy is a concrete employment opportunity that the companies of the Arcoplex Group offer to those candidates who will successfully complete the path.

If you feel ready for this challenge apply and send your curriculum vitae through the form on the side.