The value of quality.
Sure benefits through the implementation and maintenance of the Management System.

The seriousness and reliability of Arcoplex Group are witnessed by a long list of certificates.
Since 1997, Arcoplex have been working with a quality system certified ISO 9001.
The standard, internationally recognized, increases the effectiveness of internal processes and market competitiveness by improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The primary purpose of ISO 9001 is the continuous improvement of business performances, especially in terms of cost control and productivity growth.

In addition, for the purposes of EC regulation 2023/2006, in addition to the Quality Management System, Arcoplex has started the implementation of ISO 15593 “Management of hygiene in the production of packaging for food products” to meet the mandatory hygiene requirements required  by those customers actors of the plastic food packaging supply chain, in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).