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Arcoplex Group presents Powderex S.r.l

21 January 2014

The continuous growing process of the Arcoplex Group in plastics continues thanks to Powderex Srl, the sixth company of the Group which broadens and diversifies the offer, founded in the early days of 2014. Powderex has the know-how of Dimitri Balzarini, young but experienced entrepreneur Brescia, whose expertise will be complemented and enhanced by the innovative and synergistic services platform that Arcoplex Group provides to its subsidiaries, allowing them to focus exclusively on their core business.

The plants of Powderex are in Flero, near Brescia, and will produce natural and colored powders for rotational molding, production of masterbatch, additives and carpeting. The product portfolio will focus on polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene powders intended for a small market with high potential, pointing to the national territory but at the same time on the export channel, confirming the growing internationalization of Arcoplex Group.

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